Looks like Shonda Rhimes is set to continue her mission to take over the world and this time she’s doing it with the help of one of the top beauty brands in the industry, as she just inked a major deal with Dove to push the brand forward. Enduring beauty brand Dove recently announced that […]


I am a fan of women feeling better about themselves and Dove sure knows how to encourage women to be comfortable in their own skin. For their latest campaign, women were told by researchers that Dove’s “Patches” were going to make them feel beautiful and increase their self-esteem. Women were told to wear the patches and to video […]


Dove hired a FBI sketch artist to draw seven women as they described themselves from behind a curtain. Then, someone else is asked to describe the same woman and the sketch artist completes another drawing. In every example, the women drawn from self-descriptions are uglier than those drawn from a stranger’s description. Dove: “We decided […]


 The web is full of gripes — justified, most of the time — about the overuse of Photoshop in advertisements today. From slimming way, way down to airbrushing skin to the point of no return, models are subjected post-photo shoot to a vast array of digital alterations before they’re deemed appropriate for mass consumption. Dove […]