Some pics are floating around the internet that has everyone looking at my boy Justin Timberlake sideways. JT was seen out with the cast of a movie he is filming and he appears to be getting real cozy with his co-star off camera. Flip through the pics below and see if it is what we […]

So remember the gay guy in the pink thigh high boots that went viral for his dope fighting moves? Well, he has caught the eye of none other than Lee Daniels and they have both announced that a gay superhero movie will be on the big screens soon. See their message below: He captioned the […]

Congratulations to Dwight Howard! He is following the likes of many ballers like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, that are getting into the film industry. The NBA baller has signed on to executive produce a new independent film entitled “Percy”, starring Oscar winner Christopher Walken and Christina Ricci. According to, the film is based on the events […]

It’s never a right time to say goodbye especially when its someone you have seen on the TV screens for the last couple of years. We have mostly laughed with Tyler Perry from the plays to the actually movies with his character known as Madea. He has just revealed in a recent interview that he […]

Leave it to the Internet to turn #FlashbackFriday into a potential movie pitch session. A three-year-old photo has been making its rounds on social media of Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna sitting pretty in the front row of a Paris fashion week. Twitter pitched an entire action-comedy story-line based on the gorgeous pic. See below: Even […]

CLEVELAND – Leading up to the Cleveland Film Festival, Cleveland has been getting a lot of traffic from filmmakers and actors alike. Most recently, Matthew McConaughey was spotted in Cleveland filming his movie White Boy Rick. Joining him in Cleveland is Bruce Willis for his role in a movie called Acts of Violence. PHOTOS: Matthew McConaughey films movie […]

With black made and star films making millions of dollars at the box office, we have proved to Hollywood that black films can sell. With that said, it makes it a perfect time to celebrate and tell the true story about one of our queens in the civil rights movement. According to a Hollywood report from […]

Mariah Carey’s classic Christmas song, “All I Want for Christmas,” is becoming an animated film. The hit, which was recorded in 1994, has quickly become a classic, and it was turned into a children’s book in 2015. The book, which has Carey as the writer and illustrations by Colleen Madden, follows the story of a young girl who […]

CLEVELAND – We know, we know. Most Cleveland fans would prefer to forget all about Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. But despite the game not ending in Cleveland’s favor, baseball fans agree that it was one of the most epic Game 7s in World Series history. As a result, the game is being made […]

Michael B. Jordan is being considered to star in a reboot of “The Matrix” at Warner Bros, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Zak Penn in talks to write a treatment updating the groundbreaking 1999 sci-fi movie. At this point, the Wachowski siblings, who wrote and directed the original and its two sequels, are not involved. […]

Fans of James Cameron’s Avatar will have to wait a little longer for the sequel to the biggest blockbuster of all time. The Toronto Star is reporting plans for the 2018 release are no longer feasible. Speaking to Cameron about the future of the franchise in the run-up to the opening of Disney World’s “Pandora” […]

Halle Berry’s Kidnap was originally supposed to come out on Dec. 2, 2016. Then, it was pushed back to March 10, 2017. Well, today is March 10, and there is no Kidnap. In fact, if you go to the movie‘s IMDB page, there is no release date at all, except the year 2017. Unfortunately, the parent studio of the film’s distribution […]