Kim Kardashian is doing whatever she can to make sure her image isn't tarnished following the now infamous Paris robbery.


Grammy-Award winning artist R.Kelly went live with Huffington Post earlier today, in what was supposed to be an interview promoting his brand new album “Buffet.” However, things turned for the worst after the interviewer brought up tweets from fans and made comments that referred to his past allegations of being intimate with underage girls while promoting frivolous […]


Vanessa Williams as Olivia Dunn in “666 Park Avenue”   *Vanessa Williams traced her history through one of those mail in order DNA test kits and…

It’s not secret that former child star Miley Cyrus has been trying hard to get people’s attention lately. She has become obsessed with twerking among other things. We aren’t the only ones over her lame attempt to fit into the Hip-Hop culture, Ernest Owens from the Huffington Post wrote an open letter to the pop star addressing her actions. “I want […]