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Did you know that Will Smith had a YouTube channel? If your answer is no to the question above you are not the only one (I didn’t know either). Now that you do know you can check out his videos by going here. You will see videos of Will letting it all hang loose and […]


    On Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Fallon , Grammy award winning artist D’Angelo paid a tribute to the late great Prince, singing Sometimes It Snows in April amid the loss of the icon. With only a piano, stage and Prince cover band Princess, the performance brought great impact to audience members and viewers. Maya Rudolph […]

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  This might be one of the most hilarious and epic lip sync battles we have ever seen on The Tonight Show!  Jimmy Fallon vs Ellen!  Two of the funniest people on this planet battle it out! Sit back and get ready to laugh as they perform Diana Ross, Rihanna and Whip the Nae Nae! […]

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Sometimes we forget how talented Jamie Foxx is! During Jimmy Fallon’s “Wheel of Impersonations” segment he quickly reminded us that not only is he a…

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When you combine Jimmy Fallon’s game Wheel of Musical Impressions with Jamie Foxx be prepared for a ball of laughs!  Jamie Foxx brought the laughs with his impersinations of John Legend, Jennifer Hudson and more!  Check it out!     Follow me on Instagram @Nia_Noelle or Twitter @NiaNoelleRadio  

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Pharrell Williams visited The Tonight Show and reminisced with Jimmy Fallon over classic episodes of that popular ’80s TV series called The American Power Hour.  It…

Jimmy Fallon got to emcee the SNL 40 After-Party, an event that featured impromptu performances from many stars, including Paul McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. But…

Remember that scene in Big where Tom Hanks’ character messes around on a floor piano and stumbles on to magic? What happened on The Tonight Show was…

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Jimmy Fallon is having the time of his life hosting The Tonight Show and we are having the best laughs watching him do it!  After his crazy funny Superbowl show Fallon took his show on the road to it’s original roots, LA.  So of course in true Fallon fashion we get a spoof of Jimmy […]

Nia Noelle

After the Superbowl Jimmy Fallon did a live Tonight Show from Phoenix and had a big line up including Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.  And when you have that many comics in one room you know there’s gonna be some craziness! The trio participated in a lip sync batter that is super to make you […]