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Imagine if your favorite celebrity didn’t have the expensive wardrobes and the best stylists and trainers in the world? Well the creative minds over at Planet Hiltron had a great idea to make under some of our favorite celebs and we have to admit these are pretty damn hilarious! Check out the gallery here. RELATED: […]


The 2012 BET Awards were filled with many notable performances (you can catch them here) but sometimes it is just a fleeting moment that tells the story. Here is a collection of literally moving moments from BET Awards 2012 that were the conversation starters during the broadcast. Props to Jose3030 Elle Varner’s sexy walk on stage was competing with Serena […]

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Amber Rose made an appearance on “RapFix Live” where she chatted about her debut single “Fame”. When questioned about Kanye the bald-headed beauty broke down in tears. Amber revealed that it pains her that she’s being bullied and mistreated by Kanye’s fans in public: “I have people throwing things at me in the street because […]