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In a recent XO Jane piece, Steffans claimed she has had three abortions, two of which occurred during her abusive relationship with Short.

Columbus Short has been having a rough go of it in the relationship department.

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Ex-lovers Karrine Steffans and Columbus Short seem to disagree on what led to their relationship’s demise. After Karrine Steffans publicly threw out her “husband” Columbus Short, the retired video vixen talked exclusively to HB about their marital issues: “I’m so in love with this man. He’s so good to me and my son. And taking care of our house and such […]

Less than three hours ago former video vixen and New York Times Best Selling author Karrine Steffans took to Instagram to blast Columbus Short for…

Whether you believe they are two supremely damaged individuals or two people who have overcome a lot and managed to find peace in each other,…

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WHAT?!?! You’re saying that after six years and countless times defending her book, Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans was lying? According to Necole Bitichie, thats exactly whats going on. The article sayys that Steffans had said, “I would plant things about myself in the media, air all my grievances, and make everyone talk and talk and talk, […]