Laurence Fishburne

The eighth episode of Bronzville starts with a bang as Everett Copeland (Wood Harris) blames a missing Jimmy (Larenz Tate) for Casper’s death, asking for Jimmy’s head on a plate. Lisa Copeland (Tika Sumpter) tries to defend him, telling her older brother that Jimmy saved her life. Everett doesn’t realize he may be in the wrong until it […]

Nelson Mandela has been cemented in the annals of history by way of his rise to power from an anti-apartheid activist to becoming South Africa’s first Black president. The universally known tale of the late global icon will get a fresh look with BET’s airing of a three-part mini-series titled after Mandela’s tribal name, Madiba. […]

One of our favorite classic movies from the '90s is Menace II Society and now the star of that film, Larenz Tate, is launching his own podcast with Spotify.

02/13/14- Comedian Chris Paul runs through the hottest topics of the day including Derek Jeter’s retirement, Don Lemon and the Samuel L. Jackson/Laurence Fishburne mix-up.

02/11/14- Huggy Lowdown jokes with the crew about Samuel L. Jackson going off on the newscaster who thought he was Laurence Fishburne.

VIA THEBUZZCINCY.COM Looks like actor Laurence Fishburne is making a swift transition back to his first love – movies! Yes, that’s right. Famed Emmy-winning actor Laurence Fishburne has decided to officially terminate his role on “CSI” and return to the big screen. Fishburn, responsible for creating the role of Dr. Raymond Langston, announced he’s leaving […]