11-time Grammy nominee Musiq Soulchild has teamed up with Lyfe Jennings, Avery Sunshine and more to help raise awareness about Alzheimers. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about what to expect form show and much more. “It’s not only for patients but it’s for the caregivers. You have to have somebody to […]

Tomorrow Musiq Soulchild, born Taalib Johnson, will turn 39 years old and for the last mini-concert of the week we’re going to rock out to his music in celebration. Join us starting at 7pm tonight as we kick things off. Musiq Soulchild released a new album in April of this year and if you haven’t […]

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The music game can spin and change as much as it wants to, but at the end of the day symphonic greatness will always win.  Greatness is in the sound and quality, never in the monetary.  We may not see or have it stuffed down our throat everyday but that does not mean it isn’t […]

It’s going up on a Tuesday here at #LoveAndRnB! Tonight for the #TuesdayNightSpecial we’re taking a trip back to the year 2002. Anything from the 2000s doesn’t seem that long ago but 14 years is a long time in terms of music. Artists come and they go but we want you to stick around because […]

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Due to the climate of the music industry today many of its most talented and loved stars constantly need to look for additional ventures and avenues to sustain the lifestyle they want for their families. Musiq Soulchild is one artist who has evolved through his career, both musically and professionally, and he continues to do so with […]


The R&B world just got the breath of fresh air it needed with Eric Roberson’s latest album “Mr. Nice Guy” inspired by the poem “Nice Guys Finish Last” by Columbus poet Wali. The spoken-word piece is about how the ladies can sometimes tend to choose the bad guys over the nice guys and although they […]

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Marsha Ambrosius isn’t the only R&B singer who has a strong message in their latest music video; Musiq Soulchild takes on breast cancer in “Yes.” The subject matter is sad, but he puts a positive spin on it. Check it out! RELATED POSTS: Musiq Soulchild Finally Reveals What Happened To His Eye [VIDEO] Musiq Soulchild […]

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Here’s an unreleased Musiq Soulchild song called “Run & Hide.” It’s produced by Dre & Vidal, and hopefully it will be included on his next project. Take a listen in the player, and download it if you love it. RELATED POSTS: Musiq Soulchild “Yes” [NEW MUSIC VIDEO] Musiq Soulchild Finally Reveals What Happened To His […]

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Denver, Colorado native, India.Arie, is the definition of “slow and steady wins the race.” In 2000 her debut single, “Video,” wasn’t an instant hit. It gained momentum as radio stations began adhering to the requests of fans. Contrary to the many flashy, over-the-top clips of the day “Video” was about loving yourself for who you […]


During a recent visit to 107.9 WRNB, Musiq Soulchild seemed to take exception to MoShay LaRen’s comments about the albums he made early in his career vs. his last latest efforts. Do you agree with MoShay’s honest assessment, or has Musiq maintained the same high quality of albums throughout his career? Take a look at […]


As Musiq Soulchild prepares to release his 6th studio album he took time out recently to give us a sneak preview of the new album.  Musiq’s new album is called “MusiqInTheMagiq”.  It will be released online and in store on May 3rd.


Remember Floetry? I am sure you all do since we fell in love with them several years back.  The soulful duo of Marsha Ambrosius (“the Songstress”) and Natalie Stewart (“the Floacist”)  hit the music scene combining poetry and r&b into a soul-stirring mix. The group began writing songs and performing around London in 1997 and […]