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Being natural isn’t easy but it sure is a beautiful thing to embrace what God gave you.  Not knocking you ladies that choose to get relaxers but there is something to be said about the flexibility of being natural. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! One day you can blow out your hair and the next […]

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Natural hair can be beautiful but also tedious to work with on a daily basis.  Humidity, bad hair days and just not knowing what to do can be frustrating.  So here are five styles to help you get through the natural hair woes and NOT go running back to that creamy crack!    

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Once again, Black hairstyles are under surveillance, this time at a Louisiana high school. Jaylon Sewell, a student with a good reputation as the football team manager at Neville High School, was inspired to get a new hairstyle thanks to Odell Beckham Jr. Sewell dyed and styled his hair similar to the mohawk of the New […]

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Does natural hair make a difference in your job search? Minutes away from jumping off the deep end at my recruiting job, I got a call from a hiring manager about a corporate human resources position. As a recruiter, I knew I needed to do some research to decide whether or not I’d take this […]

Tom Joyner

When women decided to return to their natural roots there was an explosion of naturals trying to figure out their hair type by identifying their…

Tom Joyner

How often do we hear that creating a healthy hair regimen is the key to having healthy natural hair? Yes, having a healthy hair regimen…

Tom Joyner

Deciding to go natural is a big step, but trying to figure out if you should transition or big chop is a tough decision. When…

When a controversy erupted over Black female Marine’s hairstyles last year, some observers thought Black women in the military were asking for special treatment. But the argument…

After years of paying her dues on the Disney Channel, Zendaya is all grown up and has become one of the most beautiful, graceful, talented and respected young women in Hollywood.

It’s fair to say comedian Sheryl Underwood wasn’t on the the Top 10 list of celebrities you thought would go natural. In 2013, her comments…