President Donald Trump is breaking a forty-year tradition of presidents by refusing to unveil former President Obama's official White House portrait in the traditional ceremony. 

Last year the Obama’s announced their partnership with streaming giant Netflix, now they have announced their first slate of projects. President Obama said in a statement, “We plan to harness the power of storytelling via their production company Higher Ground.” He continued: “That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about these projects. Touching on issues […]

Malia Obama had a pretty close call with a crazy civilian this week before Secret Service agents had to grab him and take him into custody. TMZ reports that the former first daughter was at her internship when 30-year-old Jair Nilton Cardoso was detained on April 10 after he showed up at the Weinstein Company offices in […]

Many of us have been wondering what former President Obama and Michelle have been up to for the last few weeks.  Call it a little withdrawal but what do you expect after seeing both of them almost everyday for the past eight years? Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The Obamas seem to be enjoying their […]

It was all good just a week ago for Demarlon C. Thomas, who was recently released from prison after former President Barack Obama commuted his sentence.

  It seems like yesterday when Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America.  It seems like yesterday when we fell in love with Michelle Obama and her impeccable style.  It seems like yesterday that we gazed at the first African American First Family of the United States. […]

While we celebrated President Obama becoming the “first black President” as being historical…. well it really wasn’t.  President Obama was really the eighth black president!  The other seven just didn’t own their African-American history…. so who was really the first black president? Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Watch the video for the breakdown: Learn something […]

President Obama will visit Columbus today to support Hillary Clinton. The president is scheduled to speak at Capital University, this afternoon. He’s expected to promote the Democratic nominee’s platform and encourage students right here in our city, to vote early. The president will speak around 4:30 p.m. at Capital’s field house. Follow me on Snapchat, […]

President Obama likes to listen to Beyonce when he works out. The President shared his workout playlist in the November issue of “Wired.” Leading the list is Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied.” That is a good one, if I do say so myself. Jay Z made the ten-song list as well. Obama also listens to the […]

President Obama will be in Columbus today to support Ohio’s Democratic Party. The President will be the guest of honor tonight at the Democrats’ annual state dinner at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. More than a thousand people are paying $50 or more to see POTUS. Follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter: MistyJRadio source: 24/7newssource

President Barack Obama is officially a parasite. Scientists named a newly found tiny parasitic flatworm, that lives in turtle’s blood, Baracktrema Obamai.(Not sure how you pronounce that) A retired biology professor discovered and named the flatworm, just before he retired. He says naming a species after someone is not uncommon, and is seen as an […]