Your smartphone has more germs than your toilet seat! GROSS! Reportedly, cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats, because they’re never cleaned. The same is true for TV remotes. They can have even more germs because they get shared! Researchers also found that children’s playground equipment is dirtier than both porta-potties and […]

Researchers studied molecules and bacteria left on cell phones, and it has a lot of information about you and your habits! That evidence could tell whether the person who owns it is a man or woman, what they like to eat and drink, what kind of medications they take, the types of cosmetics they use, […]

AT&T reached a deal Saturday to buy Time Warner for more than $80 billion, a surprising acquisition that reflects the telecom giant’s desire to amass reputable TV and film content to diversify its massive but mature business of providing Internet access. The deal could be announced as early as Saturday evening, the person familiar with the […]

If you’re driving through Bexley, you may want to put your cell phones down. The new law banning cell phone use while driving, takes effect today! Police say officers will issue tickets to anyone they see holding a cell phone while behind the wheel. You’ve been warned! Follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter: MistyJRadio […]

Whenever my iPhone starts tripping I KNOW Apple is preparing to released a new phone. Well guess what?! Apple is set to unveil the new iPhone 7 Wednesday! There are a lot rumors swirling about several new hands-free features. Apple might also show off the next version of the Apple Watch at tomorrow’s big event, […]

Bexley City Council opened debate Monday night, on a proposed ordinance that would ban you from holding cell phones to talk while driving. You would only be allowed to use hands-free systems. This would be the first law of its kind in central Ohio. Follow me on Snapchat,  Twitter and Instagram: MistyJRadio source: 24/7newssource

CLEVELAND – It’s the latest video craze. It’s driven up Nintendo’s market value by $7.5 billion. And it’s as big in Cleveland as it is in the rest of the country…and the world. “It” is Pokemon Go, a new smart phone  “augmented reality” game, which layers gameplay onto the physical world. It’s become the top grossing […]

In an exciting development for millennial fried chicken enthusiasts, the baby-boomer executives in KFC’s marketing department have finally figured out a way to combine bacchanalian fast food consumption with a portable USB charger. That’s right, the new 5-in-1 meal box — otherwise known as the “Watt a Box” — actually features an internal power source that customers can use […]

Police say fake iPhones are being sold through Craigslist in Reynoldsburg. Police say Dierre Buckhanon was arrested after trying to sell one of the fakes to an undercover officer and he’d been selling them to people in parking lots. Police didn’t say how many fake phones they think he sold. Police say a white bar […]

Of course you want to be good at your job and a reliable contact who responds promptly to professional communication. But being too attached to…

By now we are all overly familiar with Don Sterling’s infamous recorded racist tirade which caused him to be banned by the NBA and fined…

Apple blogs are abuzz with the hottest rumor during these cold winter days: That the company is working on not one, not two, but three…