Well, the good news is, Dru Hill will continue to make new music and they have added two new members to the group. They will be merging with the ‘90s R&B group Playa, and will be releasing a new album called, “The Second Coming.” Jazz has left the group and will focus on a […]

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People are upset over this picture Beyonce posted to her Instagram account this week… why?  Because the photo has been altered and people are saying it was altered by Beyonce’s camp for her thighs to look thinner! How can you tell?  Look at the iPhone on the table.. it’s warped.  And the glass of wine […]

The internet is gagging over Beyonce’s wider-than-humanly-possible thigh-gap and had the nerve to call it a mini-controversy! I guess the mini is supposed to make…

Ellen invited model, Tanya Marie Keller, whom we know because she recently went viral due to a Target modeling job, displaying her in a bikini…

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Those bikini photos allegedly weren’t Photoshopped, according to tabloid reports. But there’s no way that’s true, says an expert. SOURCE Here’s Beyoncé’s new H&M campaign::  


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 The web is full of gripes — justified, most of the time — about the overuse of Photoshop in advertisements today. From slimming way, way down to airbrushing skin to the point of no return, models are subjected post-photo shoot to a vast array of digital alterations before they’re deemed appropriate for mass consumption. Dove […]

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Christy Turlington & Julia Roberts’ latest L’Oreal ads have been banned for being overly-airbrushed. In an effort to maintain healthy body image, Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority has decided to pull the ads. (L’Oreal owns both Lancome & Maybelline.) Parliament Member Jo Swinson told the press, “We should have some honesty in advertising and that’s exactly […]

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Tennis champ Serena Williams posed for Vibe magazine this month and her body looks a little different than usual.