Check your hand sanitizers!! The FDA is sending out a warning advising the public not to use certain hand sanitizers because they may be toxic when absorbed through the skin or digested. The FDA recommends not using these 9 hand sanitizers: All-Clean Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-002-01) Esk Biochem Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-007-01) CleanCare NoGerm Advanced […]

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I sat down with Zoe Saldana to discuss her role as Gamora in Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I had to ask about the amount of hate she gets from #BlackTwitter for some of her comments on race. People have gone as far to suggest that she’s in the “Sunken Place” — a […]

Peter Thomas' daughter Porsche Thomas is not afraid to show off her adorable growing baby bump on social media – but of course, that opens up space for haters to hate.

Azealia Banks is smudging away the stigma that comes along with bleaching, forcing people to have the conversation.

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It’s the top of July, which means we’re just in time for our monthly Azealia Banks antic. The 25-year-old finally addressed all those rumors of skin bleaching with a video on Facebook. In it she pauses from taking a bike ride in San Francisco to acknowledge that she is bleaching her skin and explains why. […]

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Lil Kim’s appearance has seen many changes in her career, but the look she unveiled on her Instagram page this past weekend has merited a concerned response from many. READ: Lil Kim And Kim Kardashian Join Forces In Their Own Carpool Karaoke In a collage of selfies, The Queen Bee sports a much paler complexion […]

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KENT– A national playwright is speaking out after a Kent State University adaptation of her production featured a white actor portraying Martin Luther King, Jr.…


As Rachel Dolezal continues to defend her identity as a Black woman, the 37-year-old is leaving even more people puzzled, recently claiming she might not be…


I’m so not surprised by this news… Dave Chappelle was the commencement speaker at his alma mater this weekend, the Duke Ellington School Of The Arts, where…

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Barbie is finally bringing the many shades and beautiful features of women from all backgrounds to its brand with the introduction of 23 new dolls. Mattel made…

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  LisaRaye McCoy is exploring just how far the damage caused by colorism really reaches in her upcoming movie “Skinned.” The “Single Ladies” star has…

  Students who participated had to choose between two words – “Ignorant” and “Educated” while going through pictures of black men going from dark to…