Music legend Gladys Knight has signed on to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at next month’s Super Bowl in Atlanta. She recently gave her stance on where she stands as far as Kaepernick and his battle with the NFL. Knight has shared a statement in response to Variety’s “question about her stance on the NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick, saying, “I understand […]

Last year’s Super Bowl Halftime performance was brought to you by Lady Gaga. It had now been revealed that this year’s super bowl performance will be Maroon 5. Although we would love to have music from someone of color, but with the recent boycott supporter’s of Colin Kaepernick, who was penalized for kneeling during the […]

Kevin Hart had himself a great time at the Superbowl last night! It all started with a video of him apparently a little tipsy and dancing in the stands.   It progressed from there! Kevin was given the mic and accidentally dropped the “F-Bomb” while on NFL GameDay Prime. *****EXPLICIT LANGUAGE***** Then security put on […]

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The NFL is asking M.I.A. to dig real deep in her pockets for the middle finger-flipping stunt she pulled at the Super Bowl in 2012.…

This weekend’s Super Bowl doesn’t have to end in four hours of bloated agony from the unthinkable amount of beer you consumed. A wide variety…

Indiana has made it share of exports to the world. There’s basketball star Larry Bird and actress Vivica A. Fox, and of course that famous…


Ummmmm….WHAT? Looks like the people over at Acura wanted some specifics when it came to the cast of their most recent superbowl commercial. TMZ released some information about what exactly those specifics were. The casting call document seen below states that the owners wanted “Nice looking, friendly, Not too dark,” African American car dealer in […]


Reaching Super Bowl XLV has its drawbacks for Ryan Pickett, with the Green Bay defensive end and former Ohio State Buckeye forced to miss National Porn Sunday — an anti-pornography event he was due to attend, NBC Sports reported Saturday. Pickett sits on the board of directors of — an online resource for people struggling […]