Movie theaters will reopen very soon but there’s still plenty of anxiety over health and safety in public. Would you go to see movies in theaters or would you rather watch them at home? 70% of Americans would rather watch from the comforts of their own home. According to Variety, a study by Performance Research […]

One of our favorite 90s shows is coming back…sorta! Jackee Harry, aka Lisa from “Sister Sister” just confirm that the family sitcom will return to our TV sets. “Yeah, it’s happening. I’m excited. Tia [Mowry-Hardrict] and Tamara [Mowry] are my babies. They won’t leave me alone. I can’t get rid of none of these women!” the Emmy winner said. […]

And the winner is… USA Olympian Michael Phelps has whooped the world’s butt in swimming that now he is taking on one of the most feared animals in the seas. Phelps kicked off #SharkWeek on the Discovery channel for the special primetime special, “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White.” Many thought it was a […]

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson teased an episode of the upcoming “Celebrity Family Feud,” where his family will be laying against NBS ex-player Rick Fox’s family. During the episode, Tyson and show host Steve Harvey get into a debate on how to properly pronounce Uranus. Of course, it is pronounced “Ur-Unus,” for those who didn’t know. If […]

Political pundit left many people disappointed and mad. Let’s be honest, Bill Maher has rubbed people the wrong way for years. Whether it’s his very blunt and rude commentary on politics or his ongoing theory that 9/11 was an inside job, he can be hard to stomach. However, he may have yet again gone too […]

It’s not hard to find people humiliating themselves on TV these days. All you have to do is turn on CNN (zing!). But NBC’s Fear Factor took public embarrassment to the next level by making contestants drink “Wormtinis,” which is exactly what it sounds like, or eat buffalo testicles, or eat horse rectums, or eat […]

It’s about to get real on the hit TV show The Carmichael Show. The series creator Jerrod Carmichael told NBC that just saying “the n-word” is “childish.” “We know what we’re talking about. We’re not speaking to children,” said Carmichael. Actress Loretta Devine, who plays Carmichael’s mother on the show, reminds folks who may be mad […]

O.J. Simpson maybe coming to a screen near you, again — but this time he’s getting personal. TMZ reports the notorious NFL legend could be released from prison as early as October, and “the buzz in the reality TV industry is that producers are getting ready to scramble to sign him.” Some sources say that no […]

Snoop Dogg stays making his way to the paper. Now the legendary rapper will appear as himself on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. “I made it, momma, I’m on TV,” Snoop joked. “Growing up watching The Simpsons and being a fan, for them to call me up and say they want to use me on the show […]

One of America’s favorite TV moms, Florence Henderson from The Brady Bunch has passed away Thursday night. Henderson’s manager confirms reports that the TV star died from heart failure in Los Angeles, according to NBC News. Best know for her role as Carol Brady, she also has accomplished more than just being a loving mom […]

Candy Crush is coming to TV! CBS is making the popular mobile game into a 1 hour live action game show. No date has been set for the premiere, but the executive producer of “Fear Factor” says there’s going to be a huge Candy Crush arena. The show’s creators also say you’ll be able to […]

He's currently one of the stars of NBC's new show Timeless, a thriller in which he will be the first Black man to go into the past on a weekly basis.