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Today is the day after Valentine Day and it was brought to my attention that it is Side-Chick Saturday.  So we looked up a list to find some tips to find out if you are a side chick. According to Elite Daily they put together five tips, “All The Signs You’re Just His Side Chick […]

Are you single on Valentine’s day and trying to figure out how to cope? It’s really not so bad and their are tons of ways to get your self successfully through this lovers holiday. If your rolling solo today or even hanging out with a group of your single girlfriends, here are a few tips […]


Check out our gallery of celeb couples whose love didn't last forever. Don’t write off the roses you may receive this Valentine’s Day as unoriginal. There may be more to those roses than meets the eye…

Tom Joyner

2/14/17- The Celebrity Snitch has a few Valentine’s Day rhymes perfect for the season. Listen to the hilarity below.

2/14/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with matchmaking duo Tana Gilmore and Kellie Fisher to talk about their new podcast, LovHER and Valentine’s Day do’s and dont’s. “We’re proponents of doing things as a team. Buy a Groupon or something that gets you to know each other a little better. So maybe the rock […]

2/14/17- What does Lavell Crawford have planned for his wife on Valentine’s Day? Find out how the rest of the TJMS crew is celebrating and hear the latest on Donald Trump’s Administration alternative facts. Listen below.

Happy Valentine’s Day ‪#‎Lovers‬! This is your weekend and we’d like to help smooth it out as today winds down. Love is definitely in the air and we want your V-Day requests, shout-outs, and dedications. Is there a special song you and your “boo” call your own? Or what about that song that just puts […]


Tired of the same old, tired, completely unoriginal Valentine Day dates? Well, look no further, this list is for you! 1. A Public Space and a “Love Board” If you love love and enjoy socializing with new people and engaging in conversations, this is the perfect Valentine’s date for you and your significant other. Buy […]