Awwww Man! Who would want to vandalize J. Cole’s childhood home at 2014 Forest Hills drive? Well, it happened over the weekend and the photo is circulating on social media.   The message was immediately painted over within a few days. Someone wrote on the front of the split level house in  in Fayetteville, “J.Cole…Do you […]


The Hilliard man who has been charged with a hate crime this week for vandalizing a mosque is saying he is sorry. 10TV has been trying to reach out to Todd Williams who was the man caught on the Ahlul-Bayt Society-Islamic Center surveillance camera spray painting the message “Allah Is A Fraud Dum Dums, Repent Turn To True God […]


Jesse Daniels, 53, is accused of endangering the welfare of children for the actions he took after catching four boys in the act of vandalizing…


  The Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center on The Ohio State University’s main campus has been vandalized. The words “Long Live Zimmerman” have been spray painted on the side of the building. Georger Zimmerman has been in national news for shooting and killing unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin in February. The story is widespread […]