Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't make it to New York often, but when they do, they do it with style.


In honor of the legendary award show, check out these winners from over the years, and where they are now.

Nia Noelle

Hopefully you caught Beyonce’s epic 15 min performance at the MTV VMA awards but just in case you didn’t check it out here! If you did you were probably wondering like myself how in the world did this come together!?  Well Beyonce’ is giving us a behind the scene look into how her VMA performance […]

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When you see it… Have a look at this photo allegedly taken at a VMA after-party. Twitter: @JenLeadley / Via Did you see it? Here, let this tweet — directed at Robin Thicke’s wife Paula Patton — be your guide: Twitter: @JenLeadley Directed at his wife? That is cold. (And a bit suspicious.) It’s. Twitter: @JenLeadley The. Twitter: @JenLeadley Reflection. […]

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  BY THEO WARGO/WIREIMAGE.   Yes, Miley, we see you. Put that foam finger down. Can you go get your pants? Go get your pants. For Christ’s sake, what do you want from us? What is it you want us to say? “You are not a child anymore.” “That dancing is very sexual.” “You are quite thin.” “What […]


The MTV Video Music Awards were held live from Brooklyn, New York Sunday evening and delivered exactly what we hoped for. Designer Rachel Antonoff hosted the MTV Style’s…


The 2013 VMAs were pretty safe this year, if you don’t count Miley twerking on a married man, Lady Gaga exposing her backside to the…