We make fools of ourselves on a daily basis, so we’re used to it.  But could you be doing it accidentally without even realizing?  We all have common phrases that were passed down through the generations and many of us are using them completely wrong. Here are six common phrases a lot of people get […]

Who knew that there was a certain way you should be walking your dog and that you may have possibly been doing it wrong all of these years? Peta knew, and they want you to know how to properly take your pooch out for his daily excursions. According to,  PETA founder and president Ingrid […]

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A California mortuary admitted to burying a woman in the wrong casket Monday after the deceased’s husband complained the woman in the casket at the viewing wasn’t his wife. Officials at Simpson’s Mortuary in Inglewood, near Los Angeles, admitted to a mix-up after Evans Davidson, 73, complained the woman at his wife’s viewing was not, […]


If diamond commercials have taught us anything, it’s that all a man has to do for love is get down on one knee, pick out the perfect ring, and propose. And you should totally do it in public with a bunch of strangers watching—because what’s she gonna do, humiliate you by saying no and ensuring […]