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Valentine’s Day for a man is usually time-consuming and sometimes pricey.

We, as men, try to give our ladies a special day, but what about us? People

have said for years that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about the

Women, but the times are changing. One thing I know about relationships —

both parties are responsible for each others happiness. Why should it be

single-sided on VDay?

Flowers delivered to your office, an expensive dinner followed by rose

pedals leading up to the bedroom would be a night to remember for a woman —

at least I think so. What about for a man? Men are not easy to shop for.

It’s not ideal for a man to receive flowers for VDay. Ladies, you may be

wondering what other options you have. Well, I compiled some last minute

‘Fly’ Valentine’s Day gift ideas for us, men.

1. Kindle EReader

The Kindle reading device has gotten rave reviews from people, but

surprisingly from men as well. If you guy is a big time reader, then this is

the gift for him. The Kindle has a sleek design and a 6-inch-size reading

area which will be more than enough screen. This is a very thoughtful gift

and will last longer than for just one night.

2. Role-Reversal Dinner

Since men always take the woman out for a special dinner, how about

surprising us and taking us out for a nice meal. Steakhouses are always a

great pick, but you can also think outside the box and pick a mom-and-pop

restaurant. Somewhere cozy with a warm feeling to show that the idea was

thoughtful. Also, you can pick up the bill…that would be great! READ MORE

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