Lists hurt. They shouldn’t and they didn’t use to.  There was a time when lists were all about fun things. The Best Place to get…


Kids say the darndest things! 1. The “this is what your love makes me do” Valentine

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Looking for something romantic to watch with your Valentine’s Day date?Steer clear of anything on this list.


Written by K.MiL – via Valentine’s Day for a man is usually time-consuming and sometimes pricey. We, as men, try to give our ladies a special day, but what about us? People have said for years that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about the Women, but the times are changing. One thing […]

Written by KayJay – via Can you believe we have already come to the end of the first month of the new year? Time is definitely moving fast, and with February approaching quickly, that means one thing for you fellas: it’s time to start shopping for that special someone in your life. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is […]