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As people, we tend to go about our daily lives only concerned with the items on our own to-do lists. Our own errands, bills, and agendas consume our thoughts and dominate our schedules.

In all of the rat race, however it never seems to be enough. In fact, more often than not the sense of accomplishment one would expect to feel from perpetual life on the go is ever elusive, evading even the hungriest go-getters. Graduations, promotions, home ownership, marriage and even having children can often leave us still wanting more. Don’t get me wrong, that consistent desire to strive for more is a good thing leading to new heights and greater feats. But, how can we achieve the satisfaction we long for? What will it take to feel a sense of well-doing in all of this?

It can be summed up in a single word: SERVICE, or two: REACHING BACK. In Denzel Washington’s book “A Hand to Guide Me”, he discussed at length the effects that the mentorship and guidance of others had on his life and the lives of the successful people that he knows. Hill Harper’s “Letters to a Young Brother” chronicles his advice to young men who have reached out to him over the years. The examples are endless, as are the possibilities. There are radio spots dedicated to it, national campaigns, commercials, and countless organizations; yet community service is the last thing on the agenda of the average young person these days. There is often the misconception that giving back requires a certain level of wealth, education, or some other unknown factor. It doesn’t. Simply put, all that is required for a person to be of service is the WILL to do so.

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