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Last week I wrote that dating is ruining marriages. After pondering on that concept, I have deemed it necessary to expand upon that concept a bit more. Dating is not only ruining marriages but it is also ruining relationships. I was so excited about my new concept that I skipped a step. I need to back that thang up. The process goes as such: 1.) Dating 2.) Relationships 3.) Marriage. Last week I said that people are taking bad habits developed in dating into marriages. This week we are focusing on how people are having bad experiences from dating and allowing those dating experiences to shape their outlook relationships.

Webster’sDating – the activity of going out regularly with somebody as a social or romantic partner.

RelationshipBeastDating – the activity of being fake and introducing your fake person to another fake person.

RelationshipBeast Love At First Sight – Believing that all of the fake people are actually being real.

MEN – You meet a woman and on the first date you find out that she has a friendly vagina. That experience sets an expectation within you that most if not all women that you meet will have friendly vagina. If they don’t have a friendly vagina then you don’t want to be friends with them.

WOMEN – You meet the guy that expects your vagina to be friendly. This upsets you. Why are you mad? You start believing that all guys want is sex. (True but that’s not the point. The point →) Your belief caused the development of a stank attitude toward men deep within you. All men are dogs.

MEN – You meet Ms. Stank. You think that she is the problem when in reality you caused this problem. You are not interested in taking any responsibility for your effect. You are 30 years old and you are supposed to be developing good relationship skills but instead you are running around making as many friends as possible.

WOMEN – The stank subsides. He doesn’t want a relationship. You want a relationship. You decide that you can make him want a relationship also. You get what you want, a bad relationship.

MEN – You cheat on her. You are not man enough to leave. You are stupid. You get caught.

WOMEN – You catch him cheating. You let him flip it on you. It’s your fault he cheated with your friend. Somehow you end up apologizing and now you feel that you two are ready to get married.

MEN – Luckily, the man that you are in a relationship with is only dating you so he still got enough game to look you dead in your eye and say “Why you want to get married anyway? All the married folks are unhappy.” READ MORE!

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