A Few Fridays Ago (June, 24, 2011), Columbus had the great pleasure of welcoming Chris Tucker in town for his comedy tour.  Although I was not able to attend myself,I heard it was hilarious and definitely a show to try and catch at some point.  I plan on possibly catching it in another city or maybe just waiting for the show to hit DVD. <!–more–> It’s good to know Chris is back on radar, and I hope this means we’ll be seeing a lot more of his presence in the entertainment business.  With that being said, I thought we may highlight some of Tucker’s film appearances that helped shape the comedian and entertainer he is today.  Now, we all have seen the famous Rush Hour movies; however, I wish to highlight his earlier works.

Possibly his second most popular film of his career, Friday marked Chris Tucker as a promising actor for the future.  His often raw and vernacular nature proved surprising and quite hilarious to audiences across the country.  With counterpart Ice Cube alongside him, Friday displayed a simple movie about one day in the hood.  A film that could have easily been forgettable and cliché, turned out to be one of the funniest films to date… “And you know this, man!”

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