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Facebook is often used as a networking tool to make valuable contacts and reconnect with old friends.  Unfortunately, old friends and foes can come back to haunt you in malicious ways.  We came across one particular page, ‘Columbus/All Rats’, exploiting young teens and adults who may have once trusted the individuals administrating this account.  The attacks on these people are low, disgusting and down right mean.  To know that with a click of a mouse the young people in our community can be slandered and accused of salacious acts is disappointing and hurtful.  The digital world is used by many to make strides in business endeavors and strengthen marketability, why is that some of our youth decides to make the least of a valuable asset and drag others down with them in the process??  If you don’t give a damn about doing anything worthwhile with your life heck why not just use Facebook to expose YOUR OWN indecent activities instead of exploiting others?? Why drag someone esle’s name and reputation through the mud?

What saddens me is that there’s no way for these victims to protect themselves from the unwarranted attacks.  They can’t hide there face or make a public announcemnt denouncing the rumors or perhaps false accusations.  Instead they’re just feeling the wrath of pathetic internet characters who choose to make light of a serious situation.  The only mistake that these victims have made is trusting the a digital world that has made us all increasingly vulnerable.

The way that Facebook is constructed has made it entirely too easy for situations like this to occur. Chances are the individuals who are responsible for this page (Columbus/All Rats) decided to randomly search the Facebook accounts of their Facebook friends and subsequently copy and paste those individuals pictures on to their own page.  This begs the question, why is this even permitted?? What happened to stronger regulations and security measures?? (which should be a priority for THEE most prominent social interaction website) Something as simple as restricting users from coping and pasting profile pictures and wall photos posted by others would go a long way.  Granted, Facebook has taken a similar initiative by not allowing this very thing to happen on photo galleries but again, profile pictures and wall photos are still easily accessible.  Either way, this page and any other page similar in content (Columbus/All Rats) should be immediately reprimanded!

To conclude, it is my hope that as a community we pull together and denounce any act intended to victimize and humiliate our youth.  I understand that drama and scandalous behavior is enough to entice any human being and peak the curiosity and we are aware that after reading this article many of you will choose to visit the site of the controversy.  We just ask that after doing so you immediately flag the Facebook account (Columbus/All Rats), stand for what’s right, and make your voices heard in an effort to protect our youth. Columbus, we’re BETTER then this and it’s time to start representing ourselves and our youth in a more positive light.

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