The social media giant we all know and love, Facebook, was down Monday Afternoon. According to USA Today When logging on members of Facebook were alerted by the website saying” “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.” By the website going down it led to […]

The Smiths look to take over Facebook. Deadline reports that actress Jada-Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow just landed a Facebook deal. The mother and daughter duo will produce and star in a talk show similar to what they did previously with Red Table Talks. They plan on continuing the series with the goal of tackling […]

The notorious Facebook Live murderer made sure to name drop his ex-girlfriend in the video of him taking 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.’s life. Ever since then, people have been wondering who Joy Lane is and what she did to Steve Stephens that caused him to snap. The murderer’s former lover met up with Godwin’s family and […]

Several Facebook Live videos posted by confessed killer Steve Stephens launched a riptide of fear locally and abroad, prompting critique from social media users.   On Monday, Facebook announced intentions to implement new content review policies after a video posted on Easter Sunday captured the shooting death of Robert Godwin Sr., a 74-year-old Cleveland resident. Facebook’s […]

An Alabama woman is lucky to be alive – thanks to a Facebook video. A week ago, nursing student Brittany Diggs was forced into the trunk of her own car by a man demanding money. Diggs was terrified, until she remembered watching a Facebook video that explained how to get out of a car trunk […]

More changes headed to Facebook! The social site is trying out a dislike button for Messenger chats. The new thumbs-down emoji is one of several being tested. Others include an emoji with hearts for eyes to mean love and an open-mouthed emoji to say “wow.” Reportedly, you will not be able to “dislike” content posted […]

The four people accused of torturing a white, mentally disabled man in an attack that was streamed to Facebook Live, drawing outrage across the nation, pleaded not guilty at their arraignment before a Cook County, Ill., judge, the Chicago Sun Times reports. Tanishia Covington, 24; Brittany Covington, 18; Jordan Hill, 18; and Tesfaye Cooper, 18, […]

The nominees for Global Grind's 2016 Social Media Awards are in.

Facebook is apologizing to its users for what it calls a “terrible error” which caused user’s profile to show they died Friday. Facebook officials say a bug, on Facebook led to messages being mistakenly posted to other accounts for a short period of time. The message even affected CEO Mark Zuckerburg. The message read “Remembering […]

  We are so grossed out that we had to share this video that an Australian man captured over the weekend of a gigantic spider dragging a mouse to eat!  This by far is one of the most horrific things we’ve seen in our lives and had to do some investigating if this was real! […]

  On Monday September 26th protest erupted all over Columbus and took to the streets, city hall and the student union of The Ohio State University.  Locals are upset over the the killing of Tyre King and Henry Green that were both gunned down by Columbus Police after encounters. Comments poured in as the video […]