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People just cannot get enough of Mama Jones and her crazy antics. She has gotten so popular that she is getting her own reality show called “Mama’s House”

“Mama’s House” centers around Mama Jones and her new found career in the rap game. You can just imagine what’s going to be involved. We believe that this show has the potential to be bigger than some of the top reality shows on TV today. Here are our top 5 reasons you will be watching this show.

REASON #5: People Want To See Just How Far She Can Go

We all know Mama Jones can’t rap, hell she even knows it, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to take advantage of the hype and trying to make a dollar or two. Hey you can’t knock the hustle. Check her out in the booth and trying to convince Jimmy to support her upcoming single in the video clip below.

REASON #4: If You Know Mama Jones You Know She Is Going In On Somebody

Whether It’s Chrissy, Or Yandy, Or Olivia, Mama Jones doesn’t care. If she doesn’t like you she will let it be known. In this clip she goes in on Olivia or “Oliver” as she likes to call her. You never know she may make another song about someone on her show.

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REASON #3: Watch Mama Jones Become A Business Mogul

Mama Jones is not stopping at just music. She gets her enterprise on in her new series. She moves from T-Shirts to a ghetto fab fashion line, to her own liquor, to her own condoms? Sounds like a wild night in the hood. Check out how she promotes her new condoms in an interview.

REASON #2: If You Think Mama Jones Is Psychotic…Wait Till You Meet Her Friends!

“Mama’s House” won’t be full of models, basketball wives, or celebrities. She has her own crew of characters that look like they will keep us entertained on every show. From Jimmy’s cousin who started the Mama Jones movement, to her thugged out girlfriend and producer, to her partner in fashion crime, we think her supporting cast is made for reality tv.

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REASON #1: We Get To See Jim Jones Mom Embarrass Him On National TV!

The undertone of the entire show is the simple fact that nobody wants their mom to rap. And Jim Jones is supposed to be capo. Capo’s mom cannot be on the streets trying to rap but despite Jimmy’s attempts to stop his mom, she only gets bigger. Just the sheer look of stress on Jimmy’s face on every episode is worth watching. Check out the entire preview for “Mama’s House” below.