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Deion Sanders seems very calm about his current divorce situation. The NFL great called into Dallas K104 FM to clarify what exactly is going on in the Sanders household and to do some much needed damage control! Sanders does admit that he and Pilar still live under the same roof which is mostly for the children and claims that they are cordial.

Deion’s daughter Deiondra recently lashed out against Pilar on Twitter, saying that she was lying about several things including that she didn’t know about the divorce. “I apologize for my daughter. She loves her father and she felt like I was being abused and misused and she lashed out, which she’s sorry for. She wanted to get a lot of things out of her that’s been inside of her. But it’s unfortunate that that really magnified the situation.”

He went on to talk about the standing relationship between he and his soon to be ex-wife:

The thing about it….Pilar and I are cool. I mean we’re cool. When I say cool, we’re living under the same roof. That’s true. First of all, I’m very calm. I’m not a yeller or screamer and I’m not even upset. It’s just another chapter in your life where you have to move on. And Pilar is cool too. And the home is large enough, but you gotta to understand we love the babies. I love my babies and I’m a father. It’s cool until the situation is worked out. That’s why you can’t believe what you read because if it was as ignorant as people would speculate it’s no way to be compatible. But I see her every morning. And I say, ‘What’s up?, What’s up, girl?’ It really is like that. That’s why you can’t believe everything

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