In her most recent interview, Taj from SWV talked about her book, co-written with NFL superstar Eddie George and discussed the most recent bump in their marriage. Earlier this year, Eddie George was a passenger in the car where Rachel Connor, a pro-golfer, was caught drunk driving. The two were pulled over at 2 a.m. after a party and George said Connor was taking him back to his hotel.

Taj spoke to the Power Morning Crew stating that the incident is something that she knew about immediately and believes that her husband was not cheating on her. “We just laugh about it now,” said Taj.

However, there is still some uncertianty as to whether or not Eddie George has been faithful to Taj. A Columbus Limo driver said he has driven Eddie George all over Columbus and has witnessed picking up and dropping off multiple women at all hours of the night. Check out the full interviews from our sister station POWER 107.5 below!

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