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Written by Vida Michelle

The potential problem – With Father’s Day coming up, and with the number of absent fathers in the home reaching a National Crisis Level, the atmosphere is set for what can be for some, a painful, instead of a celebratory time of the year. Truth is statistics show that Single Parent homes are at an all-time high, with most of those being Mother-only homes.

The Father gets the blame, not that blame matters –because the Father is usually the removed party from the Home, he is generally viewed as the deserter whether that is truly the case or not. Every circumstance is different, and not being judgmental. It does, however, “feel like” the blame seems to be centered around the Father — not that blame matters.

In the meantime – The Father struggles as he learns to provide some type of leadership to his children, while living in a separate household. Then, he adjusts to managing the new expenses for a separate living space; as well as supporting a household he no longer lives in. This sudden and major change in lifestyle, combined with what most times is a tough transitional period with the Co-Parent, can be the formula for failure.

The Solution – The 3rd Annual Fatherhood Summit, in Columbus, Ohio, taking place on June 29, and 3oth. The Summit kicks off with a free event at COSI Friday night for a Night of Celebration for Fathers and their children, and follows Saturday during the day with Guest Speakers and OSU Ambassadors Scoonie Penn & Lawrence Funderburke. The day will be full of Employment opportunities, Child Support Assistance, Franklin County Court representatives, Educational Resources, Legal Aid Society, and General Fatherhood info and resources.

Events, such as the Fatherhood Summit, and movies like “Courageous” 2011 where 4 men struggle with their roles as fathers decide to come up with, and sign a resolution to become better Fathers, are dealing with The Fatherless problem in this country by becoming Champions for Fathers. Glenn Harris, Director of the African American Male Initiative, Urban League of Columbus, invites and encourages us to attend this free event; because, “As a community we have to come together and discuss how we can correct this problem and bring Fathers back into the lives of our children.”

Why? – Because, without Fathers we will fail.


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