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Columbus, OH – witnesses reported seeing what looked like a vagrant enter an office building late Monday evening in Columbus’ short north area. Later they would find out that this was the scene of a gruesome zombie like attack right here in Columbus, OH.

The Boltworks building is a mixed use office building located close to the 670/71 split near Columbus’ downtown area.  The building is also adjacent to a wooded area made known as “tent city” because of the number of homeless who reside in those woods in make shift tents.

According to the witnesses testimony, they watched what looked like a homeless man enter the Boltworks building.  They also reported that this man seemed intoxicated or on drugs. Shortly after that they heard loud yelling and screams come from that same building.  Two local radio station DJ’s working the evening shift inside the building were reported missing this morning.  That was until this video footage captured by security cameras was recovered.  You won’t believe what the cameras captured.  This video is very graphic and NSFW.

Are we really seeing the beginning of real zombie attacks?

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