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CLEVELAND – For parents of children in under-performing schools in Ohio, it may seem like there are no options short of moving, but there are.

Programs are in place to help parents whose children attend schools that consistently rank in the academic watch or academic emergency categories.

EdChoice, for example, is a state program that provides scholarships to students who attend consistently underperforming public schools. The scholarships may be used to attend nonpublic schools that meet the requirements for program participation.

This year, 15,403 EdChoice scholarships are being used throughout the state.

In the city of Cleveland, the options include the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program. Established in 1995, it provides eligible low-income students scholarships of up to 90 percent for private school tuition.

All other students receive payment for 75 percent of their tuition. Parents must make arrangements to cover any differences in cost.

There are numerous other scholarships to help children with autism or special needs. For more information go to

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