Let’s face it, teachers and students had a rough time rounding out the school year due to the corona virus pandemic. Even if schools can safely open in the fall, many teachers say they’re unlikely to go back and that’s not all, some parents wont be sending their kids back as well. According to, […]

Students ain’t feeling these classes from home when they paid to be on campus.  As a matter of fact, college students who had to leave their campuses because of the coronavirus pandemic and are taking online classes from home want refunds, saying they’re not getting what they paid for. According to the, students at […]

I really like the concept of this! We have all heard of signing day, when athletes sign letters of intents to attend and play for college programs as their parents and coaches cheer along. Now there is a new trend that a high school in Virginia started and I am here for it. According to […]

  Students from several different Columbus high schools were disciplined for allegedly using a teacher’s login to change their grades to passing. Scott Varner, the Columbus City Schools spokesman, said a student from Columbus Afrocentric obtained a teacher’s login last month from an online learning program called Virtual Credit Advancement Program. The unidentified student then used the […]

A group of Michigan school staffers are in hot water after a video of them surfaced having an extremely inappropriate conversation.

There are calls for a later start to the school year in the Buckeye State. A bill introduced in the state Senate would prevent school districts from opening until after Labor Day. Supporters say students are unable to learn when they go to classes in 90-degree temperatures, in schools, with no air conditioning. Critics say […]

“It’s a night to remember.” Although prom might seem like a standard part of a high school student’s experience, the special night isn’t a reality for many teenagers who face financial burdens. But last Saturday, a group of 40 students from Chicago got the opportunity to attend a prom hosted by two local non-profit organizations, reports […]


By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSSunday, January 24th 2016 (Credit: MGN Online) Shout out to my alma mater! According to Fox 28, Ohio State University says it’s expanding the amount of financial aid available for needy students by another $20 million. OSU President Michael Drake says the grants will go to about 15,700 undergraduates next year, including about […]

Exposed pipes, mushrooms, and dead rats were discovered across Detroit’s disenfranchised public schools.   Michigan’s water crisis in Flint has also opened up concern for…

Sweet Briar College in Amherst, Virginia has released a statement that all of its students studying abroad in France are safe following last Friday’s attacks…

The students of Yale University used their voices to speak out against several instances of racial injustice on the Ivy League campus, leading to a heavy debate about…