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The past week has not been very good for Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, Jr. The city’s top cop has been accused of not only getting freaky with subordinate officers; two of those same cops claim he exchanged sex for promoting them within the department.

As NewsOne previously reported via Fox 2 News Detroit, officer Angelica Robinson claims that she and Godbee had an affair that quickly turned sour after she learned that he was possibly cheating on her with another woman while he was away at a police conference in San Diego, Calif., last weekend.

The alleged west coast tryst drove Robinson to post a photo of herself holding her department-issued .9mm gun inside of her mouth. Her gun was immediately taken from her, pending a mental evaluation. The department returned her weapon several days later.

Robinson is married and a mother. Godbee is also married, though he has filed for divorce. He is also a father–and a minister.

Now another cop, Lieutenant Monique Patterson, has come forward to Fox 2 News Detroit in Robinson’s defense, claiming that she, too, had an affair with the Godbee. Though the sexual relationship is not new to Detroit–she came forward about the affair back in 2010 when Godbee was first appointed chief–her claims that her current rank is due to their affair is. And she has the text messages to prove it.

Here are some of those messages below, as reported by Fox 2 News:

One text message from Godbee to Patterson said, “I want you, I think you, I breathe you, I taste you, I smell you, need I go on?”

Another text message from Godbee to Patterson read, “I need a face to face so you can see that I say what I say because I’m in LOVE WITH YOU!”

Yet another text message from Godbee to Patterson said, “I can meet you by 8′ish.  Can you have everything set up where you can just let me know the room #?”

A text message from Patterson to Godbee read, “I hate that all we have discussed (transfer, etc.) nothing has occurred.  Nothing seems hopeful to me at this point.  Nothing.”

Then a text message from Godbee to Patterson said, “You will learn over time that my word is my bond!”

Well, in a video interview with Fox 2 News, she confirms that her current position came, in large part, to her sexual relationship with Godbee. Here is her exchange with reporter Charlee LeDuff on Friday.

“Did you allegedly sleep with him or did sleep with him?” I asked Patterson.

“I slept with Ralph,” she answered.

“How do we know?” I questioned.

“October 14, 2009, yeah, I kept that condom,” she said.

“For what reason?” I asked.

“So he, you know, wouldn’t think that I’m just a stalker and I’m just a lying (expletive), like, oh no, I don’t think so,” she responded.

“Ralph Godbee was assistant chief, traded sex for promotions, yes or no?” I asked.

“Yes.  I was the commanding officer of Sex Crimes and after we became involved, he moved me to his staff and I worked right alongside with him in his office,” she said.

“That was the deal you made?” I questioned.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Our relationship began in August and by October the things that he had promised had not come to pass, so he noticed my behavior toward him had changed where I had backed up.  That’s even referenced in a text message, and that’s when afterwards there were other texts saying I spoke to this person, I spoke to that person, I’m going to get you down here and then once I got down there, well, we’re going to celebrate,” she added.  “As he referenced, I’d like to see your career advance, so I went along with the program.”

“Are you a tramp?” I asked.

“People can call me whatever.  It’s fine, you know.  If my behavior two years ago earned me that title then, then okay.  That was in 2009.  It’s a new day.  I have a new life, and the department needs a new chief.”

As far as a “new chief” goes, there has been talk about Godbee resigning. Though no official word has come to the public. He is currently on a 30-day suspension as an investigation probes his relationship with Robinson and Patterson.

Is Detroit’s Police Chief A Super Freak? Two Cops Allege, “Yes”  was originally published on newsone.com

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