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Well. This is awkward. Jodeci, one of the best R&B groups of the 90′s, was booed during a performance in London last Friday, according to

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It looks as though the night was filled with boy and girl bands of 90′s past, featuring performances from SWV, Blackstreet, and Dru Hill at Wembley Stadium. But not all members of Jodeci were there. (Devante was a no show.)

Audience members said they were singing off key, and at one point, Mr. Dalvin jumped off stage, only to have trouble getting back on. Dru Hill had to take the stage to finish up Jodeci’s set.

Maybe it’s just time to hang it up at this point. If you can’t get back on stage and you’re singing off-key, I think it’s quite alright to say, “You know what? We had our run, it’s time to go.” I guess all that hard partying and age has caught up to the group.

Here were some of the reactions to their performance.

“I don’t get why #Jodeci are still being booked for shows though. Aren’t there enough YouTube videos showing what condition they’re in?” one tweeter said.

Another wrote, “Some US artists need to realise [sic] that this isn’t 1995. You can’t roll up on stage late/high/sloppy & not feel the wrath of the crowd. #Jodeci.”

Check out their performance below.

Do you think they were having an off day or does Jodeci need to give up?

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