Beyonce, Jay-Z, CubaWhy are Beyoncé and Jay-Z allowed to travel to Cuba but the rest of us aren’t? Or is the answer in the phrase Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

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Actually, you don’t have to have four No. 1 albums and the most famous baby in the world to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Cuba these days. Yep, the place still has a repressive Marxist-Leninist regime. Yep, travel there is still pretty restricted.

But not totally restricted.


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Here’s what we know: The couple traveled to the controversial country this week to celebrate five years of ridiculously wealthy marital bliss. Mnay details of the trip are sketchy, but we know that Beyoncé wore a lot of prints; had her hair piled on her head; posed for photos with Cuban kids; and was greeted by a mob of adoring fans that had to be watched closely by local cops. READ MORE

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