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What’s cooking on the next “Man Fire Food?”

We’re on the fourth week of “Man Fire Food” and this week we went out to Napa, California. It’s so beautiful out there. We had this Mexican chef and he made some incredible lamb and duck over a spit. It was crazy. We’ve been to Hawaii this season, to Martha’s Vineyard, to Texas, Jamaica so we’re expanding what “Man Fire Food” is and showing more cultures and techniques.

In your experience, who’s got the best barbeque?

If you’re talking whole hog barbeque, we hung out with this guy Rodney Smith in Hemingway in the Carolinas. He’s been doing the same recipe that’s been in his family for generations. I’ve had lots of whole hog barbeque and that was [ridiculous]. He uses some citrus, some spices and he uses a mop, literally a mop, to wipe that thing down. It was crazy.

Check out grill recipes and “The Last Supper” mixtape at Roger Mooking’s website.  


Fire It Up: The Cooking Channel’s Grill Master Talks BBQ and More  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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