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You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Bet your love for Twinkies and Hostess products have gone up since the company’s bankruptcy announcement, right? Well time to show and prove with a second chance. Twinkies are back! Look for them on your local grocery store shelves starting July 15th! Here are 16 reasons why we’re so excited about the resurrection of the Twinkie!

1. So Valentine’s Day can continue to be sweet

2. More jobs! 

3. Another reason for guys to end up in the dog house

4. Continuous movie-themed desserts!

5. This guys stays happy

6. No more Twinkie hoarding!

7. There’s still hope for your dream wedding cake

8. The endless ways to make snack-time more interesting 

9. Give this guy something to do, again

10. Let this tattoo still have meaning in 20 years

11. Just think about how much this will be worth the next time Twinkies disappear!

12. Deep Fried Twinkies

13. So this can continue being a reality

14. And this won’t

15. Another food to pair bacon with!

16. The Peeps get their cars back 

17. Someone in the universe gets to enjoy this. 

18. 4 words. Fried Twinkie Salad Croutons!

Find The Twinkies Nearest You!

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