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A Canadian woman lost three of her limbs to amputation after suffering a rare reaction to a minor dog bite that happened when she was playing tug of war with her Shih Tzu.

Christine Caron, a 49-year-old single mother of four, went into septic shock three days after she suffered a bite that was licked by her other dogs, the National Post of Canada  reported.

Caron, of Ottawa, had suffered a rare reaction to capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacteria common in dog saliva. Caron woke from a medically induced coma about six weeks after the May 21 incident.

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She described for the National Post what she felt in her limbs after she awoke:

“There was no circulation in them. (The doctors) figured they were dead. The arm was mummified, the legs were black, the feet were black. My right hand looked like it had been sitting in water for, I don’t know, six months? It was all swollen and it was like muck.”

Caron lost both her legs and an arm to amputation.

The Daily Mail said Caron expects to spend an additional six months at a rehabilitation center, and she is awaiting surgery for skin grafts on her right hand, on which she has lost movement but is hoping will recover.

The British newspaper reported Caron’s family has raised $13,000 for her care, but will need about $100,000 to pay for bills and renovations in her home.

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The National Post said Caron was fitted on Monday for prostheses on her legs. She told the newspaper she hopes to be able to once again walk her dogs.

“You just have to move forward,” she told the Canadian newspaper. “If you try and make sense of it, I think you can go nuts.”