Who knew that there was a certain way you should be walking your dog and that you may have possibly been doing it wrong all of these years? Peta knew, and they want you to know how to properly take your pooch out for his daily excursions. According to Fox.com,  PETA founder and president Ingrid […]


Wow! This is an incredible story! An Ohio family’s dog went missing a year ago while being taken for a walk. They searched for days for the animal and could not find it. Now the family is rejoicing because their precious pup has been found, 1000 miles away, in Florida. According to UPI.com, the Perlman […]


(Photo credit: KTVN/CNN)  According to Fox 28, it was the best possible Christmas present, and it was the most unexpected one as well. Six years after running away from his owners during a trip in the mountains in Nevada, Willie was reunited wit his owners, David and Allison Marks.”He’s got a story to tell, (I’m […]


A girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy in Hudsonville, MI credits her service dog for helping her get through high school. As 35 some graduates filed into Freedom Christian High School`s gym among them was Desi’s four-legged companion. “I think it was a great thing for everybody else to see that he really is part of […]

Dominic Jeffries (pictured left of center) was missing for over 14 hours after he got lost taking his shih tzu, Coco (pictured right of Jeffries),…

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Brandon Harker came home last week from an 8-month deployment to Afghanistan to discover his 2-year-old labrador Oakley was missing. Heartbroken, Harker soon discovered that the friend he left Oakley with had put the dog up for sale on Craigslist in February.   Harker now has turned to Craigslist and Facebook in hopes of reuniting with Oakley. […]


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Thousands of inmates in the Ohio prison system pay their debt to society by serving time for their crimes. But a select few have a special job while they are behind bars.  These inmates feed, care for and train puppies, right in their cells and are with them 24/7. The ultimate benefit is […]


A Canadian woman lost three of her limbs to amputation after suffering a rare reaction to a minor dog bite that happened when she was playing tug of war with her Shih Tzu. Christine Caron, a 49-year-old single mother of four, went into septic shock three days after she suffered a bite that was licked […]


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Fifty-seven dogs arrived in the Franklin County dog shelter following Wednesday night’s Red, White And BOOM! Officials have not said if even more animals were taken in following local fireworks displays on Thursday. On most days, the shelter has just over 20 lost dogs coming in. Animal control officers said if the dog […]


Figo wanted to say good-bye to his partner one last time. SOURCE This incredibly moving image was taken at the funeral for fallen Kentucky police officer Jason Ellis. Officer Jason Ellis, 33, was slain last month in Kentucky in what is suspected to have been an ambush while on duty. His K-9 partner, Figo, attended the funeral, […]


The beginning of Naki’o’s story is a pretty sad one. He lost his paws and the tip of his tail to frostbite when he was a puppy. Image by RICK WILKING / Reuters He was abandoned in a foreclosed home in Nebraska and was found frozen into a puddle of ice water. Source: facebook.com He lost his paws, […]

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Everything they tell you about training dogs can also work on people. Even your husband. SOURCE The best way to get your dog to do what you want him to do is through positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement means using praise and/or treats to reward him for good behavior. All too often, people are good at letting […]