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// ]]>Kiana thought a rental home in Westerville for less than $700 per month sounded too good to be true, especially when the man claiming to be the landlord had every reason in the world to not let her see inside it.

Then earlier this week, she drove to it.

Someone was living inside, and the home was not for rent.

In fact, the owner was sitting on the porch.

“She looked like she was going to have a heart attack. She was like, ‘What? Our house is not for rent and I’m the actual home owner,'” Kiana said.

The story is not about Kiana and the home owner. It’s about a scheme where someone is using Craigslist and other websites to sell or rent something that isn’t theirs.

It almost happened to Kiana.

“He said that the only way he could hold it being that they had selected us to be a tenant was if we did either a first month or first month with security deposit. So it would have been like $1,400,” Kiana said.

The man who tried to get the money from Kiana told her his name was Frank.

But as of Tuesday, the man wasn’t taking any of her calls on his phone with a Reno, Nevada area code.

It’s unknown if Frank is the man’s real name, or if he lives in Reno. What is known is that the house is not for rent. SEE VIDEO HERE

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