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Set the scene. Your friends tell you the girl you’ve been seeing for a while is “bougie.” You get a puzzled look on your face because you’re not sure of the signs. Your boys try to help you out by pointing at some of the red flags you gleefully ignored. Does she have certain taste you can’t afford to fulfill? Do all of your special lady’s sentences  end with (insert favorite lipstick, shoe brand or eye shadow) “is everything!”? When accused of being bougie, does she get angry and adamantly deny it?

Well, my friend, you are most likely dating a bougie girl. If you’re still not convinced, here are some other signs to look out for if you believe the girl your’re dating has bougie tendencies.



If the girl you’re dating only knows about high-end brands and nothing about H&M and the Gap, you should be worried. If she breaks out in hives when luxury brands like Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Phillip Lim aren’t on the rack for purchase, imagine how she’ll act stepping into a store that doesn’t have the finest of the finest brands at all.


It’s not enough to be part of the cool kids clique or bougie girl band, but being bougie means you have to be at all the cool events to post on Instagram. Which means wearing their latest threads and walking into said event fashionably late to make their grand entrance.  All eyes on them all the damn time.



When dating a bougie chick, don’t expect the everyday dates you’re use to taking other girls on. Expect the worst, that means peeling a few extra dollars back for extreme dining. Expect to visit restaurants without prices on the menu. You may want to transfer extra funds into that checking account if you plan on going the distance in that relationship.



Bougie girls think going to the club is so yesterday and doing day parties as they say, “is everything.”  They need their 8 hours of sleep so a day party fits into their schedule perfectly.


When partying, bottles are always apart of the equation even if they aren’t drinkers. The object for them is to look good while partying and do it like they’re doing it for TV. Being over the top is the motive.  Armand Brignac, anyone?

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