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D.L. Hughley responded to the moving story of kidnapping victim, Bethany Arceneaux of Louisiana, yesterday on The D.L. Hughley Show.”

Arceneaux was dropping her child off at daycare and was allegedly kidnapped by her child’s father, Scott Thomas. Arceneaux had allegedly filed multiple restraining orders against Thomas. Her family found out about it and they went looking for her.  Their search resulted in the family finding the suspect, with the woman, and they shot him. Bethany Arceneaux and her child are now safe.

D.L. Hughley stated early on in the show; “I always said that when I got any kind of platform I wouldn’t just tell dumb jokes.I wouldn’t just try to be funny.  These are our children that are dying.  And what we’re doing right now isn’t working.” He continued, “If we only accept that, if that is the way that it’s going to be and we do nothing to change it, I say it’s cowardly.”

D.L. posed the question to his listening audience: “Do you think that these incidences of abuse, do you think things would happen, so many things would befall our women if people knew the men that mess with them, that there was hell to pay, that they have family looking out for them?” He took calls on the matter for the rest of the show.

Listen to this three part conversation  in the audio to hear the cousin and neighbor of Scott Thomas give his exclusive commentary live on The D.L. Hughley Show.”

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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