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Did you know some of the most famous people in the world were adopted? Clearly the adopted parents picked some winners, like ” The D.L. Hughley Shows” very own Jasmine Sanders who was adopted by a wonderful family. Listen to the audio below to hear the 10 famous people who were adopted as well.

Part 1.

Part 2.

DL:  All right, give it to me, Toots, ten famous people who were adopted.

10. Jamie Foxx

   DL:  Boy, did they throw away the wrong guy there.

9.Eartha Kitt .

   SW:  Really?

8.Gary Coleman.

   DL:  You gotta get rid of him.

7.Dante Colepepper.

   DL:  Oh, man.  You gave away a prize athlete?


    SW:  He actually did a documentary where he went and found his family.

DL:  Five more famous people who were adopted.

5.Reverend Jesse Jackson.

   DL:  I would’ve left him on the steps of a church.

4.Bo Diddley.

   JS:  He’s adopted.  Mm-hmm.

3.Steve Jobs

   DL:  I did actually know that.  And he found his birth parents.

2.Tommy Davidson.

   DL:  Yeah.  You know what?  Tommy Davidson was adopted by a white woman, actually.  And he didn’t know that there was a difference between colors, because he had white brothers and sisters that he was adopted by, and he thought like dogs could have different colored puppies he thought humans were like that too.  He’s a very, he’s a very bright dude.

1.Bill Clinton

  JS:  He’s actually the second U.S. President to be adopted.  Also Gerald Ford was adopted.

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