It’s all about the benjamins baby! If you look like new money, smell like new money, then you might have some of these in your pocket. Just in time to stop the counterfeiters, the U.S. Treasury stays a step ahead by unveiling $100 dollar bill.

The new bill has a set a new features that will make it much harder for counterfeiters to copy. One of the features includes a setting called Motion, where each bill will contain up to 650,000 microlenses embedded in the printing which will allow for the underlying image to shift when the bill is moved. Moving money? Dope!

Highlights of the new bill:

– 3-D Security Ribbon

– Bell in the inkwell. When you move the note, the bell changes color from copper to green.

– Portrait watermark

– Security Thread

– Color-shifting “100″

– The new note will be issued on February 10, 2011.

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