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Javier Sanchez on stage Say It Loud Live It Louder

From This Moment On…Say it Loud, Live it Louder!

By:  Javier Sanchez & Marshall L. Shorts Jr.

Written by: Vida Michelle / Contact:

From This Moment On…It’s time to get personal 

After a week of working hard and giving it all you’ve got, all most people want to do on a Friday night is relax and receive. On the evening of May 30th the stage was set, not only personally but also inside the Columbus Performing Arts Centers, Shedd Theatre.

“From This Moment On…” a Javier Sanchez and Marshall L. Shorts Jr. creation was medicine for anyone suffering from the ills of daily life.


The one night stand was a combination of music, spoken word, stand up comedy, powerful and uplifting stories and a diverse group of highly talented guests which included: Renee Dion, Speak Williams, Shaun Derik, Donald Isom/I am Dance and more.


It has been my experience that most people minimize how hard this life is. From This Moment On… speaks to just that. People can go days, months and even decades and not realize that the daily maintenance of life can insidiously kill its importance. Let me make it plain – Breathing, living, working, sleeping, although natural and necessary is not the definition of living. Those things are more fitting to define simply, existing.


Javier easily and strategically connects with his audience by being completely transparent. He speaks openly about his mistakes, his accomplishment and everything in between. He shares pictures, personal experiences, intimate moments and how with the help of his faith, his love for his family and musical influences, he has defined and re-defined himself throughout his life. He makes no apologies for being human, for being unique, for remaining authentic to his purpose all the while encouraging you to do the same.


The personal feel, the variety of the show and the comedic undertone reminded me when I went to go see John Leguizamo’s Mambo Mouth & Sexaholix. It was at that moment I realized how good Javier Sanchez really is, and how fortunate Columbus, Ohio is to have him. At some point during From This Moment On…I forgot I was in a theatre full of people, instead I felt as though I was having a very personal conversation with Javier, a conversation I really needed to have.


From This Moment On…It’s not how heavy your load is, it’s how you carry it

Guests didn’t leave empty handed. Those of us who bought tickets early on, either online or at the door received the book with the same title for free. Those that didn’t receive the book as part of their ticket purchase had the opportunity to buy the book after the show as well as meet and greet the Authors: Javier Sanchez and Marshall L. Shorts Jr.


This is where Marshall L. Shorts Jr. humbly (and if he had it his way) quietly shines. Marshall is another Columbus treasure by way of Cleveland. He is a very talented creative who is well known by his meticulous design work. His smooth style and commitment to detail are well executed and make the jewels spoken by Javier sparkle on paper. The book is a striking continuation of the From This Moment On…message, complete with places for personal notes and even an invitation to “Please deface this book!” on the cover.


The evening was entertaining, life changing and a great reminder of the truth. Muchas gracias Javier and Marshall for reminding us that how much you have can only be measured by how much you can afford to give away.