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Study: Eviction Rates for Black Women on Par With Incarcerations for Black Men

MacArthur Foundation “How Housing Matters” study reveals that while black men face alarmingly high incarceration rates, black women are disproportionately evicted from their homes. According to the study, in any given year, approximately 16,000 adults and children are evicted in Milwaukee from approximately 6,000 housing units—that equates to 16 households evicted every day. Read more.

Duke University Renames Aycock Hall, Triumphs Over Racist Past

Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead announced Monday the school is renaming a building that was dubbed in honor of a white supremacist. Aycock Hall had been named for a century in honor of former North Carolina Gov. Charles Brantley Aycock. He was considered an advocate for public education, but was a leader in the white supremacy movement prior to his tenure in the governor’s office. That period was marked with violence against Republicans and Populists by Democrats who accused them of favoring “Negro domination.” Read more.

Another Major Victory In The Fight Against Stop And Frisk

A New York state judge has upheld a law making it easier for citizens to sue police officers performing unlawful stop and frisks based on race. “This law provides an important opportunity for New Yorkers who are subject to racial profiling or other discriminatory behavior the opportunity to vindicate their rights,” State Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh wrote in her decision Wednesday. Read more.

More Than 300 Deaths Now Reported in West Africa Related to the Ebola Virus

Approximately 337 people have succumbed to the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, the World Health Organization reports, according to the BBC. With about 14 deaths and 47 new outbreaks ripping through the area over the past week, the organization has listed Guinea as the worst affected area, with 264 related deaths, followed by Sierra Leone (49 deaths) and Liberia (24). Read more.

Dem Rep. Goes Off on Cheney: He Should ‘Keep His Mouth Shut’ on Iraq

House Democrat Gregory Meeks complained earlier this week that people should stop listening to John McCain on Iraq, and on MSNBC today he said Dick Cheney, of all people, should “keep his mouth shut” on this issue. Cheney has been making the rounds this week sharing his thoughts on Iraq, which has inspired reactions ranging fromskepticism to outright ridicule. Read more.

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