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Cee-Lo Green is no stranger to the spotlight. The singer has been a recording artists for some time and got into the reality TV genre as a judge on the hit NBC reality competition show The Voice. But what many of Green’s newer fans don’t know is that he started his career as a member of The Goodie Mob, an Atlanta-based hip-hop quartet that stood out for its more conscious lyrics.

One of their biggest hits was “Soul Food,” a song about the importance of nurturing your spirit. Green left the group in 2000 but they stayed on good terms. Once he achieved a measure of solo success, he reached back to record with his former bandmates and in the process, scored a reality show The Good Life, on TBS. 

“I shot most of it last year when we were doing the Las Vegas residency. Green says. ”I brought all the guys out to the West coast and they were part of the Vegas show. I got a call from TBS and they were in the market to do something semi-reality based and I said we’ve got something.”

The show focuses on the bond between the group – Big Gipp, Khujo and T-Mo, all of whom have known each other for years. Cee-Lo and T-Mo grew up next door to each other. That kind of familiarity can lead to some comic moments, which the show has an abundance of.

“It’s semi-scripted,” Green says. “I likened it to a Curb Your Enthusiam. They give us a premise where we can bounce off each other so all of the dialogue is really freestyle.”

After a 14-year hiatus, Goodie Mob put out Age Against the Machine as an independent project last year. Green says it enjoyed solid success as an indie release and the feedback on the show so far is good.

“They think its funny,” he says. “I’m like they’ll put anybody on TV!”

Comedy and the easy camaraderie between the guys is what The Good Life focuses on. But it’s not like they weren’t asked to do some of the things that reality TV is infamous for.

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