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You have to be careful these days…whether you are walking or driving. ABC 6/ Fox 28 reports that a pedestrian has been killed after being struck during a three-vehicle crash earlier this morning on Mound Street.

A black SUV hit another car in the street, three parked cars in a parking lot and then struck a man on the nearby sidewalk. Reporter Tom Bosco said a red pick up was waiting to turn left when the Chevy Tahoe coming from the opposite direction went past and led to the crashes. When the Tahoe came to rest, it hit the three parked cars.

The driver then took off and ran from the scene.”She wasn’t stopping. We tried, you know, thinking maybe she was just a little freaked out, we tried to slow her down. She just kept on running.”

Bystanders followed her and led Police to the woman. Police have not released the identity of the driver yet.