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Fantasia has literally found the man of her dreams!

The singer posted a shot of a handsome, nameless guy to her Instagram this week, introducing someone who she felt she’s known all of her life. “I wrote this song years ago titled Daydreaming.. It’s On YouTube now ( the First song I had ever wrote),” she shared. “In the song I was singing about A very special presence that would come to me in my dreams every since I was 12 years old.”

The thing Fannie remembered most about her dream love is how sweet he was to her and how safe he made her feel. “He would tell me how beautiful I was and would always talk about my eyes and my smile,” she said. “The funny part is it was never a sexual thing it was just his presence and the love that I felt in the Dreams (I felt Protected and so very safe).” She added, “EVERYTIME It was so peaceful, it felt like a best friend somebody I had known all my life.”

Fantasia has had a really hard time love–especially with her last relationship! Her whole situation with Antwaun Cook was a mess. She eventually began to feel a bit jaded about love.

“I began to think that I would only feel that kind of love in my Dreams,” Fantasia wrote, adding that she only ever told two people about the man she’d seen so many nights since her childhood. Today she wanted to share her joy with the world she announced, “I Don’t Have That Dream Anymore because he CAME.”